ViennaPHP Framework Edition (05.08)

Let’s go Open Air! This ViennaPHP will be done below the blue sky with no beamer and no talks, but interesting discussions! It’s happening on August 5th, 2014, at 18:30. We are meeting at Stockwerk and then head over to the Open Air location which is next to Stockwerk!

The discussion

We are having 6 members of the community taking the side of one framework each. Together with a moderator there will be a discussion about different aspects of frameworks. We’ll look into how each of the frameworks differs from the others and where they choose the same approaches. The audience will be asked to participate in the discussion. Afterwards, we’ll all know which framework is best for a particular project.

Our participants are:

The topics we’ll discuss will be pretty high level in order to find out where the frameworks differ. We will discuss things like Rapid Application Development, Convention over configuration, Testing, Stability/Roadmap/Community and so on. You are encouraged to bring your own questions - Just keep it high level so everybody can learn!

The sponsors

We are looking for sponsors for this event, so get in touch!


The co-working space near Westbahnhof is giving us the room to do our meetup, which is awesome. They also help a lot in organizing the event by making sure there is enough pizza and drinks, everything is set up and working. If you need a place to work or a room for a meeting, check them out:

Be social!

If you haven’t, you should also follow us on twitter and like us on facebook! Also, make sure to spread the word about the usergroup!

Hope to see you in August, Stefan and Sebastian


Organized by Boris Hrkic, Florian Schäfer and Sebastian Göttschkes | Founded 2013 by Sebastian Göttschkes