Next Gathering tomorrow (12.06)

You may already know it, but tomorrow is ViennaPHP time again. Join us for awesome talks, nice people as well as pizza and beer!

We are meeting on Thursday, 12.06, 18:30 at Stockwerk Co-Working. Talks will start exactly at 7. Come early to enjoy some pizza and talks! RSVP here:

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The talks

This time, we have not only lawyer Stefan Rapp telling us about licences and what they can do for you, but also Bernhard Schussek, symfony core contributer and original author of the forms component to tell us about the future of symfony forms and well-known blogger Michael Bromley talking about life as an intermediate programmer.

“Licences” by Stefan Rapp

The OSS ecosystem is very important for every developer out there. To be of use, this contribution will discuss licensing situations for laravel & symfony frameworks (MIT-License), the PHP language itslef (PHP/BSD License) and as a storage backend MySQL (GPL). Things to look out for and stuff to feel safe & cosy around lawyers.

This contribution will also try to be serious but will not succeed.

symfony Forms: Past, Present and Future by Bernhard Schussek

The Symfony2 Form component is a critical part for many Symfony2 applications. As such, we have been constantly improving the component to handle the many different use cases of our users and to lower the barrier to entry for newcomers. As seasoned Symfony2 developer, all
these changes can be sometimes hard to track. What about backwards compatibility? Will your business-critical applications break? And the questions don’t stop there. How can you get up to scratch with the latest best practices? What can you expect from future versions? And how can you get involved to help things move faster? I will try to answer these and many other questions in my talk.

Confessions of an Intermediate Programmer by Michael Bromley

Some lessons learned by a self-taught PHP developer about faulty self-estimation, bad practices and humility.

The sponsors

We found generous companies again who are supporting us in reaching out to even more PHP developers, covering our drinks and snacks and making the evening as nice as possible. I know I am repeating myself, but once again: Thank you very much to all past, present and future sponsors.


The co-working space near Westbahnhof is giving us the room to do our meetup, which is awesome. They also help a lot in organizing the event by making sure there is enough pizza and drinks, everything is set up and working. If you need a place to work or a room for a meeting, check them out:


Drupal development company drunomics is currently looking for a web developer. If you wanna work with a company which supports the OSS movement and contributes actively to Drupal core, take a look at their job announcement:


OpenFore is focused on consulting and development in the cloud. They are looking for a senior PHP developer to help them realize projects with international clients and partners:


Long time sponsor easyname is your Austria based domain and hosting partner. Talk to them if you wanna register your domain or need some webspace:


We have something new as well this time and we are making plans for the upcoming events. There will be some really nice meetups. But first things first - RSVP for tomorrow:

See you tomorrow, Stefan and Sebastian


Organized by Boris Hrkic, Florian Schäfer and Sebastian Göttschkes | Founded 2013 by Sebastian Göttschkes